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Amateur League.

Rules and Regulations

This update to the Rules and Regulations set in 2006 during the commencement of the Amateur Football League and is prepared and issued by the management of Left Foot Sports Limited.


The update serves to provide:

  • Update existing stake holders of the league on the rules and regulations of the league.
  • The current general rules of the Amateur football league.
  • The current play rules of the Amateur football league.


General Rules

Team captains must fill in all the team details In CAPITAL LETTERS with all the players’ names (2 names required) at the beginning of every match. A squad consists of a maximum of 25 players.

The Information Memorandum (IM) is a list of all the players along with their details – This MUST be filled in and handed over before the start of the season, failure to do so results in a walk over from the team’s 3rd match and therein after till the MOI is filled. Each player’s Identification Copy and Color photograph with his/her name at the back to be provided as well. This can be a hard copy or digital.

A league ID card will be made for each player for the season of the league and the player must carry the same. Each team official must ensure each player carries his team ID card for every game as spot checks will be conducted for the authenticity of each player.

A league car sticker shall be made for team vehicles and these must be stuck on the car, where applicable.

No new players can be added mid season, unless the management of the League permits otherwise. For the management to permit a player, his/her name is to be submitted in writing a week prior to the forthcoming weekend’s fixture along with the reason for his/her addition.

A corporate team must have a minimum of 10 players working in the corporate and evidence of the same may be required.

Random checks will be made on teams should a suspicion arise on:

  • The addition of new players into the team without any communication to league officials.
  • The Addition of PROFESSIONAL or SEMI PROFESIONAL players into the team (termed in-eligible players).
  • Fielding new players using the names of existing ones.

The penalty for the offence in “7” above are; banning of that particular player and deduction of 3 points from the respective team for all the matches the in- player/s have played , irrespective of the team’s win /loose or draw for those matches.

No smoking/drinking or consumption of harmful or illegal products is allowed at the match venue and littering is strictly prohibited.

General rules relating to use of the respective football ground shall apply. The venues may change from time to time and due notice will be provided for the change in venue.

All teams will play once every week-end and fixtures will be sent by e-mail to all team captains. Kindly note, matches will only be played on Saturday or Sunday between 330pm and 630pm. Catch up games will be required to be played should teams lag behind schedule due to postponed games be it on the team’s side / their opponent’s side or the organizers side or for any other reason e.g. weather.

All league games should be concluded within the 8 month period and may warrant “catch up” games to be squeezed in at the discretion of the organizers in order to complete the games before the league closure dates.

Teams are advised to be changed and ready to play 10 minutes before kick-off. A team needs a minimum of 5 players to start the game.

If a team does not arrive or does not have 5 players on the pitch at the time of kick off then the following rules apply:

  • 15 minutes or more from kick off – a walk over is given.
  • A walk over is a loss of 2 – 0.
  • The Goals for the walk-over are not awarded to any individual player.
  • After the 15 minute waiting period is over, if a team still has not arrived, the organizers will need to be informed of the reason for the delay(which should be legitimate) who will then consult with the opponents on the field and the referee and a mutual decision will then be taken.Note: Time will not be increased for that game and the match will end as scheduled.

The Organizers are not to be held liable for any injury or loss or theft to any team, its players, or its spectators, The Indemnity must be signed within 3 weeks of the commencement of the league.

A team will be allowed to postpone games further only 4 times in a given season and hereinafter if a postponement is required then it is upto the discretion of the organizers to approve the same and reasons for the postponement have to be valid and genuine. Consultations with the disciplinary committee will be made if deemed necessary and thereinafter the necessary course of action to be taken.

Every new Season a Disciplinary Committee will be set up which will comprise of either participating Team Management, Captains, Coaches or any other person who the organizers of the league deem fit to take any corrective action on various disciplinary issues. The Disciplinary Committee will only consist of 20 members and they too shall be vetted for their participation once a new season commences should they be chosen again to remain as Disciplinary Committee members. The Disciplinary Committee does not participate in the management or organization of the league.

A team will need to inform the organizers by a minimum of 4 working days for a request to push a game. If a match is requested to be postponed after the required notice period, the organizers will then discuss the same and consult with the respective team’s opponents to approve the postponement. Once approved the organizers will then inform all concerned. A decision will aimed at being made in consensus to all.

If 2 teams who are opponents on a given day do not show up a draw is awarded – this being 0-0 and points will be shared.

If a team abandon’s a match during play on their own accord for whatever reason, then the opposing team will be awarded victory of the match by 2-0 irrespective of the score before the incident (abandonment). The goals not being allocated to any one team member.

Each Team is responsible for the behavior of its spectators, and strict disciplinary action will be taken on that team if its spectators are out of line, this includes:

  • Violence.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Racism.
  • Any other similar offence.

The Penalty for the above mentioned in point 20, with sufficient supporting evidence is:

  • Violence – Monetary fine of Kshs 2,000.00 + 6 points deducted from the respective team + banning of the player(s) and/or fan(s) for half the duration of the league.
  • Verbal abuse – Depending on gravity – a monetary fine of Kshs 2,000.00 + banning of the player(s) and/or fan(s) for 5 games for the duration of the league.
  • Racism – Monetary fine of Kshs 2,500.00 + 3 points deducted + banning of the player(s) and/or fan(s) for half the duration of the league OR DISCRETION OF DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE APPOINTED FOR THAT YEAR.


Play Rules

  1. 8 players on the pitch at any given time, and 4 rotational substitutes allowed.
  2. Substitutes can be made when players inform the Referee’s assistant and he/she gives the go ahead.
  3. A match is 40 minutes long with 7 minutes half-time break.
  4. No offside.
  5. Back pass is allowed and the keeper can hold the ball for a maximum of 6 seconds only.
  6. If the keeper holds the ball longer than 6 seconds an indirect free kick will be awarded from the spot where the goal keeper was last stationary. The Defending team should back away 8 steps.
  7. Every team must have 2 sets of uniform to avoid clashing, and must carry them on every game.
  8. 2 consecutive yellow cards to result in the suspension for 1 forth-coming match.
  9. 1 red card results in suspension for 2 forth-coming matches.
  10. A win is 3 points, draw 1 point and loss nil points.
  11. If the keeper handles the ball outside the box, it’s a straight penalty – Penalties being FREE TAKEN – ALWAYS at 8 steps from the goal line.
  12. All other FIFA Rules are to apply.
  13. Referees decision is final. Om
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