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About Us.

About Us

Left Foot Sports is a young Private Kenyan enterprise with a goal to provide football as a service to Kenyans who love the game. We pride ourselves in being the only enterprise offering this mix of services. We have chosen to do this by focusing on 4 main areas:

  1. Managing and Running Amateur Football Corporate and Social Leagues for All.
  2. Niche Customized Sports Tournaments (mainly Football).
  3. Sports Related Team building sessions and Sports Related Holidays.
  4. Sports Mentoring.


Supply of Trophies / Certificates, Manufacture and Supply of Local Hand made Footballs and Supply of Sports Equipment and uniforms – Dubbed the “LFS SHOP”
We have developed the capacity to provide this service in an efficient and friendly way, free from the hassles and corruption associated with the local football federation and club management.
LFS believes that unique mix of services above are all excellent mediums for communicating your message and identity in a straightforward, dynamic and interactive way, be it on the pitch whilst playing or off the pitch at School, Work, Business or at Social Arenas.
LFS wants to provide Sports Lovers, (Currently Mainly Football) a solution to play the sport they love even though they may not play it professionally. We strive to provide Amateur Sports Solutions but in a professional manner.
LFS has over 10 years Experience in Football League Management and Over 12 years experience in tournament management.
LFS is Affiliated to The Football Kenya Federation (FKF).

What We Do

Amateur Corporate & Social Leagues
Left Foot Sports biggest venture is starting an Amateur Football league in Kenya. This Multi Cultural league is focused on people who love to play the game over weekends, even if they are not able to train on a daily basis due to their work or school schedules. Having started in the 2006 with 8 teams, It has grown each year such that now in 2014 we are now in our 9th Season with 5 divisions comprising in total with 76 teams and counting, with over 2000 players registered in the amateur leagues alone. The league runs for a period of 8-10 months for Division 1 and 2 and for 5-6 months for Divisions 3, 4 and 5.
The teams and players are comprised of different back grounds; from companies, who sponsor their staff members to form teams, to church and youth groups, to friends who join together to play.
Sports unites all and we offer a medium for companies and social teams whom we relate to the “Average Football Fans” to do the following at their leisure but with a small competitive edge:

  1. Exercise.
  2. Advertise.
  3. Network.
  4. Socialize.

Left Foot Sports organizes many 1-2 day football tournaments, it has its own signature football tournaments and also hosts other tournaments in Nairobi as well as around the region for institutions who would like a tournament to be hosts for whatever cause or purpose.
Left Foot Sports Ltd boasts having hosted over 200 tournaments over the past decade.
Left Foot Sports offers cost effective ways to host its tournaments and can provide a total solution for the event or part thereof.
The signature football tournaments (Annually held) are:

  • THE BEACH 5’s (5 aside Beach Football Tournament every EASTER on Bamburi Beach, Mombasa, Kenya).
    The Beach 5’s is a 5 aside beach football tournament held every year on Kenya’s North Coast in the Beautiful City of Mombasa over the Easter Holidays.
    It is a fully fun filled event that allows not only participants to play a game of football ball on the beach but it also raises money for MARINE CONSERVATION: the funds are dispersed and followed thorugh to the last penny through our event partners; Sporting Conservation.
    Beach 5′s Allows you to play all day and party all night at IL Covo; Mombasa’s most famous restaurant, Pizzeria, Sushi lounge and Night club.
  • The LEFT FOOT SPORTS 6 a-side WORLD CUP (Held every June; Nairobi’s Record Breaking team participation).
    Launched in 2010 when Africa hosted the first ever FIFA world cup. It has broken Nairobi’s record for a one day 6 aside event, where teams play as a world cup team.
  • The LEFT FOOT SPORTS F.A. CUP (Held every September; A networking tournament for all LFS Stakeholders).
    The FA cup is a 6 aside football tournament that has been going on since the league started and it allows all teams from all divisions to play in 6 aside tournament on a level playing field, it also allows anyone else to come and play in a 6 aside tournament and gain discounts for the fourth coming season on the league entry fees!
  • The BARS AND CLUBS 6 a-side Tournament (Held every second quarter).
  • CHURCHES (Held every second quarter).
    The All Churches tournament allows the youth and seniors in any church to have a fun day out and play with others in other churches. The theme verse for the tournament is 1st timothy 4:8 which reads – “for physical training is of some value but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and life to come”.
  • The ACI Charity Cup (The Foreign Markets Association Cup – funds raised go towards a noble cause).
  • The ALL ASIAN COMMUNITY FLOOD LIT CUP (Held every November/December: open to All Asians and targets mainly the Asian Communities.).
    Left Foot Sports hosts 2 annual flood lite tournaments:
    a) One a 2 nighter event that targets The Asian Communities and covers Ladies and Men, Boys and Girls as well. It has 2 age brackets, Under 14 and Over 14. There is an after party too at the end of day 2 of the event. This is arguably the most popular footballing Inter-Asian Community event in Kenya. This event has been running for over 3 years and in 2013 this shall be its 4th year.
    b) One a night event that targets anyone who wants a glimpse or a taste on how futsal is played and invites teams from all over Nairobi. This event has been running for two years and in 2013 this shall be its 3rd year.
  • KISUMU 5′S The latest introduction to our signature tournament circute.

Team Building
Left Foot Sports organizes Team building Events in and out of Nairobi. Though we specialize in Sports Related Team Building Events, we can have the same “closed doors.” Where no sports element is involved.
These events can be over night or can be day trips and are customized to best suite the client.
Left Foot Sports Ltd has taken corporates for Wildlife Sporting Retreats as well, which are not only Sporting and of course result in Team Building but are also Educative.
The most recent one being for one of our corporates, a 2 day Team Building trip for 20 people (Ladies and gents) to a private game reserve in Nyanyuki town, Kenya. The Corporate had team building exercises, quick snap shot management and leadership tips followed by an afternoon football game with a local community team and finally after a sun downer a night safari game drive!! The Night game drive resulted in the Corporate team members learning about the local wildlife and conservation whilst watching a pride of Lions under the many stars in the Mount Kenya Region.

Would you not want to be part of the same!!

LFS Shop
Left Foot Sports can supply:

    • Trophies and medals, these can be customized to one’s requirements and can be uniquely designed as well. We can provide the same for large events or that onetrophy for that one special occassion/individual.
    • Certificates and these can be of different sizes.
    • Sports equipment for various sports, including football, rugby, cricket amongst other, though it specializes in supplying football equipment.
    • Sports Uniforms as well can be provided.

LFS Crew (Meet the Team)

Board of Directors

Dr. Surinder K. Bhasin


Mr. Aman Bhasin

Managing Director

Mr. Amit Bhasin

Operations Director

Management Team

Mr. McDonald Gisemba

Operations Manager and Head Ref

Mr. Rashpal Singh Sen

Operations Assistance and IT

Mr. Paul Masimba

Operations Assistance

Mrs. Poonam Bhasin

Administration Team

Mr. Peter Mangera

Head of Medics


  • The Operations Manager is assisted with a panel of Over 40 referees who officiate at all the Divisons during the Leauge games and also tournaments.
  • The Operations assistant is assisted with a panel of 8 groundsmen who handle the “event” on the ground.
  • The Head of Medics is assisted by 3 assistant qualified medics that handle the League games rotationally.
Left Foot Sports unites ALL through football!
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