Good evening friends, fans and participants.
I thank everyone for their support directly and indirectly for this year’s beach 5s 2015.
It was a success and we managed to raise funds for The KWS Marine Park.
The event was a clean sweep win for Kenya Bay Beach Hotel who not only being the 2nd host had both teams in the finals.
3rd place went to Memon Community Mombasa and 4th place went to Braeburn Schools Staff team from Nairobi.

The Top scorer of the event was Yori Yori from Kenya Bay Beach Hotel and he had 12 goals.

The Best Goal Keeper was Usama from Memon Community Mombasa.

The Most Valuable Player was Junior Illius from Braeburn School Nairobi.

Prizes for the Event
-1st place won 50% Accomodation vouchers at Watamu’s Turtle Bay Beach Hotel on All Inclusive.
– 2nd place won 50% Accommodation vouchers at Kenya Bay Beach Hotel on Half Board Basis
– 3rd place won 10 free movie tickets

Other Prizes for various categories were Meal Vouchers from Shere Punjab Restaurant – Travellers Beach Hotel,  Blue Room meal vouchers amongst many others.